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La Huella

  • origin
  • nicaragua

  • tastes like
  • red apple

  • blackberry

  • toffee

  • processing
  • washed

We're delighted to bring you a wonderful H1 coffee from La Huella in Nicaragua into our Specialty category!

La Huella is a relatively new farm purchased in 2014. Although new, it is already producing some of the best coffee Fincas Mierisch has to offer! It is located inside the Arenal Nature Reserve which places restrictions on deforestation and water contamination. Something unique about the micro-climate of this farm is that it will be covered in fog for around 60% of the day. This means there are not many shade trees at La Huella because the farm auto-shades itself with the fog.

The varietal H1 is also relatively new. It is a hybrid between Sudan Rume and Sarchimor developed in Central America. This cross has led to good resistance against leaf rust and high productivity. This variety has already gained success in the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence where it earned a producer second place in 2017.

This H1 underwent a washed process. The cherries are first dried in fermentation tanks for 36 hours. Dry fermentation is preferred due to its water conservation characteristics. It allows the mucilage to be removed quickly when it is washed. The coffee then gets dried for 14 days until a humidity of 12% or lower is reached.

The result is a delightful cup with a range of flavors from red apple to blackberry and toffee!

  • country
  • nicaragua
  • farm
  • la huella
  • producer
  • Fincas Mierisch
  • region
  • matagalpa
  • altitude
  • 1315-1400masl
  • variety
  • H1

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