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José Padilla

  • origin
  • guatemala

  • tastes like
  • rose

  • yellow plum

  • mandarin

  • processing
  • anaerobic natural

This is our third time working with José Padilla and Gonzalo Hernandez at Coffea Diversa!

Gonzalo himself has amassed possibly the largest private collection of botanical coffee varieties on the planet, all with full genetic traceability. After years of collecting and transporting samples from across the world, Gonzalo began a new project by seeding these rare and unique varieties and sharing them with his friends: one of those friends was José Padilla.

The variety itself is a natural mutation of Bourbon that began in Jamaica. The coffee is characterized by extremely large seeds, even bigger than what you could expect from Maragogype.

The plant itself is tall, has lengthy space between the branch nodes, has large leaves, is low-yielding and the adolescent plants have bronze tipping in the leaves.

Bourbon Rey is undoubtedly an exciting variety. The processing is an anaerobic fermentation in blue barrels with water locks for 48 hours, before the coffee is transferred to raised beds for drying. For this harvest we also asked Jose and Gonzalo to implement special drying (rested in stages) which really makes this cup shine.

Fun fact: We were introduced to José by a good friend of ours, Felipe Contreras!

Expect notes of yellow plum, mandarin, and rose!

  • country
  • guatemala
  • farm
  • coffea diversa
  • producer
  • josé padilla
  • region
  • suchitan
  • altitude
  • 1800masl
  • variety
  • bourbon rey

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