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Janson 244

  • origin
  • panama

  • tastes like
  • jasmine

  • green tea

  • red skittles

  • processing
  • hybrid washed

We have been working with the Janson family for years now and every year is a real treat! From Ben and Kai meeting at a trade show in Dubai and starting the X project in 2018 to now continuing to push the boundaries of processing, each year more and more knowledge is shared and incredible coffee is continuing to be pumped out.

This is our second offering from Kai and the Janson family for this release and it was commissioned by us as an MCR favorite "hybrid washed" process. The process is quite simple; the cherries are fermented in aerobic tanks for 24 to48 hours or until the cherry is ‘soft’. The coffee is pulped, washed and then dried in stages to achieve an extremely stable end product.

Expect notes of jasmine, red skittles and green tea.

World Class!

  • country
  • panama
  • farm
  • janson coffee estates
  • producer
  • the janson family
  • region
  • volcán
  • altitude
  • 1800masl
  • variety
  • green tip geisha

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